Another round of chocolate buffet with a friend who previously had missed it. I was quite sick but still wanted to dress up, had a few weird coords running through my head, chose Royal Chocolate with an unrelenting force to pick a green blouse (Not brown? Why? And why not green? I have no other items of that green shade to match. But why not?…) And so what’s done cannot be undone. At least, I had fun that day :D

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pussy put his ass to sleep, now he’s calling me nyquil.

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I bet all the guys who slut shamed Nicki Minaj for “Anaconda” jerked off to it first.

Kind of like how they enjoy porn but want their girlfriends to ‘cover up’ and not ‘be flirty with other guys’.

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I find it interesting that barely clothed women are used to advertise everything from socks to hamburgers and barely anyone has a problem with it, but the minute a women owns her sexualization and uses it for her own personal gain, the world has a shit fit. ESPECIALLY if that woman is a woman of color

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Hahaha. x’D

Hahaha. x’D

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